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Individual Therapy

Individuals often come to therapy feeling stuck-stuck in some pattern of feeling or behaving, stuck in some situation (a job or relationship) without the means or motivation to get out, or maybe, without knowing exactly what it is, something just doesn’t feel right. Therapy can be a powerful place to acknowledge patterns, and with that awareness start to make new choices. Trained in Somatics and Depth Therapy, I like to use interventions that bring you into deeper awareness of your body and help to facilitate expression, exploration, and a felt sense of your emotional and imaginal worlds. Individual therapy with me can be particularly helpful with depression, anxiety, intense inner criticism, shame, perfectionism, trauma, relational trauma, people in recovery from addictions, and people who identify as being on a path to spiritual awakening.


Couples Therapy

Couples often come to therapy when their relationship is in dire need of help. Maybe they haven’t had sex in a while, they are bickering all the time, or both partners seem to have given up in some way. There may be infidelity, codependency, or disagreements that never seem to get worked out. Having an unbiased mediator and someone outside of the relationship can be helpful to identify where the harmful patterns begin and can help couples to talk about things they may not have been able to say before.

There are some couples that are doing well and just want to go deeper, ensure a lasting relationship dynamic, or work on some small issue. I welcome this as well. I can help couples to communicate better, connect on a deeper level, or work out small “bumps in the road”. Whatever your particular issue may be, I urge you to contact me for a free 20-minute consultation to see if I can be of assistance.