What is a session with you like?

My style is warm and supportive. There are places in us that do not show themselves until they know they are safe-my goal is to provide that safe space for you. There are also places in us that need to be challenged (such as a harsh inner critic)-my goal is to also be the voice of protection in those instances. We may not use the arts in every single session, but it will always be on offer to help support you and your process.

What if I get sick or need to cancel?

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy-which means if you are sick or need to cancel for any reason, just give me 24 hours notice (or more). With less than 24 hours notice I will have to charge for the session.

Why don’t you take insurance?

I am not set up to take insurance but there are some types of insurance that will reimburse you for “Out of Network” providers. Inquire with your health insurance provider about this.

What is Expressive Arts therapy and how can it help me?

In Expressive Arts therapy you might use drawing, movement, poetry or other writing, sculpting or any combination of art forms to express or give form to an emotion, dream image, idea, belief or image. I won’t interpret your art, but I will help guide you to make your own meanings. In this way we can get a closer look, possibly from another angle to help you better understand yourself and it can also help you to “stay with” some material.