What is a session with you like?

My style is warm and supportive. There are places in us that do not show themselves until they know they are safe-my goal is to provide that safe space for you. There are also places in us that need to be challenged (such as a harsh inner critic)-my goal is to also be the voice of protection in those instances. In all cases, I am striving to listen to you, stay curious, and to impart to you the sort of compassion that I hope to instill in you.

What if I get sick or need to cancel?

I have a 48-hour cancellation policy-which means if you are sick or need to cancel for any reason, just give me 48 hours notice (or more). With less than 48 hours notice I will have to charge for the session.

Why don’t you take insurance?

I am not set up to take insurance but there are some types of insurance that will reimburse you for “Out of Network” providers. Inquire with your health insurance provider about this.