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Are you wanting something different for your life?

Are you tired of struggling with the same issue?




Individual Therapy 

Individual therapy with me can be particularly helpful with depression, anxiety, trauma, relational trauma, or for people in recovery from addictions, or who identify as being on a path to spiritual awakening.

Couples Therapy

Having an unbiased mediator and someone outside of the relationship can be helpful to identify where the harmful patterns begin and can help couples to talk about things they may not have been able to say before. 


Therapy can be a place to discover our deepest truths and learn to live more authentically. Whether you’d like to see changes in your relationships, work life, or free time, therapy can be a place to begin taking action to transform your life.

Oftentimes the busyness of life, trauma, or old hurts can leave us feeling numb, dissociated or confused. “I don’t even know what’s in my heart,” is not an uncommon statement and I am here to help. With the use of the Expressive Arts, Somatic Interventions, and Mindfulness Practices, we can discover together what is true for you, and how that truth can change your life in positive ways.